Best Window Covering for Basement Windows Reviewed

When it comes to house renovations, you think of window replacements, new paint, installing floors, and replacing insulation. But basement windows are often neglected in this process.

While most people tend to overlook the importance of lighting and windows in the basement, there are countless reasons why you should take more careful considerations when it comes to choosing the best cover for your basement windows.

Best Basement Window Coverings 

Basement Window Frosted Glass Privacy Film – Best for Privacy


  • Since it is a non-adhesive film, you will have no trouble removing it. There is no sticky residue left behind. 
  • You don’t need a lot of tools; you only need water to help it cling to the surface. 
  • This film is reusable and can be recycled. 


  • Since the material is quite heavy, it cannot be easy to apply to your windows. The best option is to soften it by first soaking it in warm water or using a hair lower. After applying the film, use a scraper to eliminate any bubbles. 

It is a non-adhesive frosted glass static that clings to your windows, and it is completely opaque so that you can use this in your bathrooms for added privacy.  

The film allows soft light to enter through the window, so you get natural light during the day but blocks out the harmful UV rays up to 96%.  

This protects you as well as your furniture from premature wear and tear. The Coavas frosted privacy film works both as a protective layer and for glare control. It preserved heat in cold weather and insulated the heat in hot weather. 

Product Details:

Size17.5 x 78.7 Inch
Item Dimensions LxWxH78.8 x 17.5 x 0.02 inches
Installation TypeStatic Cling
Ultraviolet Light ProtectionUV Protection
Item Display Dimensions17.7 x 78.7 inches

Frosted Glass Film for Windows & Doors


  • It is non-adhesive, so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals used for adhesion.
  • It softens natural light entry to the basement, so you get a cozy and easy on the eyes lighting for the room. 
  • You can remove the film quickly and reuse it wherever you want  


  • It may not provide total protection from outside when there is light in the room during the night time. 

This is a textured window film with a 3D design to enhance the beauty of your home. The Rabbitgoo Frosted Window Film blocks any strong sun rags and even harmful UV rays. You can be assured no more annoying window flares with their glare control technology.  

By controlling the amount of sunlight that enters your home, your furniture will last longer, without prolonged exposure to UV rays. It is easy to install with a very strong cling that will attach itself to your window with just water for maximum protection.

Product Details:

Color3d Crosses
Size17.5″ x 78.7″ (44.5 x 200 cm)
Item Dimensions LxWxH78.7 x 17.8 x 0.01 inches
Installation TypeStatic Cling
Ultraviolet Light ProtectionYes

Basement Window Privacy Film Cover


  • You get a 3-month warranty with every purchase.  
  • It Blocks harmful UV rays up to 98% and controls glare up to 80% 
  • You don’t need glue to stick this film to the window 


  • The film’s design may be challenging to recognize if you are far away.  

This film comes in a rain silk design that is unique and stylish. This aesthetically pleasing roasted glass anti-UV privacy window film gives your windows the look of rain droplets while also protecting your basement from unwanted onlookers up to 95%. 

With that said, this window film can still let some natural light into your room but be assured that it is UV defensive, so you don’t have to worry about any direct exposure to sunlight. 

Product Details:

ColorSilver Silk
Size17.5 x 78.7 Inches
Ultraviolet Light ProtectionAnti UV
Item Display Dimensions17.5 

Short Blackout Curtain for Window


  • These curtains are thermally insulated to efficiently use energy by reducing heat loss in winters and reflecting heat in the summer.  
  • The Diamond Home Linens blackout curtains block out 100% light and keep the room dark at night. 
  • They are easy to install and style according to your overall basement aesthetic. 


  • The fabric is thick and stiff, so it may not be easy to open and close as desired. 

It is a 100% blackout curtain tier that you can use in your basement for maximum privacy. The material is thick to protect from UV rays and block sunlight from entering the room. These window curtains are best for those basements with tiny windows since they are specially made as curtain tiers.  

The Diamond Home Linens blackout curtain tiers come readymade in a range of different sizes, so you can choose one that fits your window. 

Product Details:

BrandDiamond Home Linens
Top StyleRod Pocket
Size27 in x 24 in

Window Cover Privacy Film with UV protection


  • You can reuse this film as many times as you want by removing it quickly from the window and applying it to another one with just water.  
  • There are measuring lines at the film’s back that allow you to cut straight lines easily. 


  • The edges of the film have a seam, so you may have to waste a few inches of the film after you buy it.  

Without using any glue or adhesive, you can easily apply this Translucent Glass Privacy Window Film on your window for increased privacy. All you need is soapy water and the correct application process, and you’re good to go!  

An added benefit is that this film strengthens the glass on the window to reduce its possibility of breakage, and even if it does break, the film clings to all the small pieces of shattered glass. You can cut the film into your desired size. Whether you have a round, square or decorative window, you will be able to use this film by cutting it into any shape you desire and applying it to the surface.

Product Details:

ColorCrystal Mosaic
Size17.7×78.7 Inches
Installation TypeStatic Cling
Ultraviolet Light ProtectionUV Protection

Semi Circle Basement Window Well Covers – Best external cover


  • It is an environmentally friendly construction, made of recycled PETG  
  • The Shape Products Semi Circle Basement Window Cover’s material is sturdy and durable but still lightweight for easy installation.  
  • It comes with molded back bars for added support and durability 


  • You will have to drill holes as needed to install this window well cover on your window. 

It is an outside cover that protects any windows below ground level. This window well cover prevents water and other debris from falling into the window well. This is great for harsh weather conditions. For example, the window well cover will prevent rainwater from entering the home in heavy rainfall. 

window well cover
Basement Window Well

Likewise, in the case of heavy snowfall, the shape Products Semi Circle Basement Window Cover will prevent the snow from falling into the window well.  Not only this, the window cover can keep out small animals and pests from entering through the basement window. 

Product Details:

Manufacturer‎Shape Products
Part Number‎E-WWC-3917FCGC
Item model number‎3917FCGC
Size‎39″ W x 17″ D
Item Package Quantity‎2
Batteries Included?‎No
Batteries Required?‎No

Static Cling Total Blackout Window Film


  • It is a static cling film that you can easily apply without adhesives. 
  • The Mangobox Total Blackout Window Static Cling film comes in Manu decorative designs, so you can pick one that suits your aesthetic 
  • It is made of recycled materials, so it is environmentally friendly 


  • It works best on windows that are not directly exposed to sun rays since it tends to retain the heat from the sun, making the room hot and suffocating. 

This is for you if you want an economical window film for added privacy in your basement window. You don’t need any adhesive to apply this to your window, and it is also easy to apply and remove as needed.  This film protects 100% light from entering the room so you can have a dark room even during the day. It also 100% protects UV rays from entering the room. 

Product Details:

Size23.6×78.7 inches
Installation TypeStatic Cling
Ultraviolet Light ProtectionUV Protection

Amerimax Basement Window Well Cover


  • The bearings that come with the Amerimax Home Product Wall Cover can hold more than 500 lbs.  
  • It is very cost-effective to install. 
  • It comes with a recessed groove at the corners and is quite heavyweight so that no pests can break through this cover.  


  • This Amerimax Home Product Wall Cover comes only in one size, so if it doesn’t fit your wall well, you will have to buy more than one to cover a single wall. 

This is a white over for the outside of your home. It is not see-through; you can enjoy your privacy and not be bothered by unwanted viewers. This wall cover can spread over 37 inches wide with a projection of 16 inches. This cover helps reduce heat transmission and protects from harmful UV rays that can damage furniture or your skin. 

basement window well

Product Details:

Item Weight‎6.04 pounds
Product Dimensions‎16.5 x 40 x 3 inches

Types of window coverings for basement 


The best shutters that will last you a lifetime is plantation or aluminum-based shutters. These are resistant to moisture, so you don’t have to worry about weather damage.

window shutters

For basement windows, plantation shutters seem like the most convenient option, given that they are flexible and can work with any basement window. An added benefit is the privacy and ease of installation compared to other kinds of windows treatments.  

Faux shutters 

Using faux shutters will make your basement windows seem taller than they are. This adds a cool aesthetic to your home from an outside point of view.  


For those with big windows in the basement, you can use vertical blinds made of different fabrics. You can find a wide range of designs, among which you can pick one that suits your basement ambiance the most. You can also choose between semi or total privacy blinds as you desire. Both blinds function the same and are easy to install and maintain. 


basement window trim

Some basement windows may allow wind drafts to enter, which may cause a disturbance if you are using your basement as a living space or an entertainment room. Basement window trims can be used to reduce the drafts. This also changes the entire look of your basement window, giving it a more upscale and put-together look. 


For basement windows, you can use fabric or roller shades, and they can offer you sun protection as well as privacy. Cellular shades can help control light and regulate heat in your basement. Window shades can be found in many different shades and designs, with some having motorized control to open and close the shades. 

Privacy window film 

This is the cheapest and easiest way to add privacy protection to your basement windows. You don’t need heavy machinery or professional help for this one.  

You also have many different options to choose from- whether you want it for privacy or light protection, you can find a window film that can serve your purpose. 

If you need more ideas for a basement window cover, has a useful guide.

Factors to consider when looking for basement window coverings 

Type of usage 

Consider how your basement will be used before adding any window coverings. For example, if it is a living area, you would want more sunlight than just a storage area. 

Location of basement windows 

basement window from outside

Check if your basement windows naturally receive a lot of sunlight or not. If they do, you can add a window covering to control the amount of light it enters. Also, check if the windows are visible to people walking outside. If so, you might have to keep your privacy as the highest priority when choosing a window covering. 

Humidity concerns

window frame humidity
Mold around a window frame

If your basement window receives less sunlight, the room could get more humid. It would help if you opened your windows during the hot season to let fresh air in. For this reason, choosing window blinds could be a more efficient option.

Keeping your basement as dry as possible should be of primary concern as a homeowner. Basement is usually the most humid part of a house, so they have the highest tendency to host mold growth and be a home for other bacteria and fungus to live. To avoid this, you need to keep a clean basement with some fresh airflow. In basements, the only source of fresh air is through windows that provide the necessary ventilation. 

External vs. internal basement window coverings 

Using an external window covering is suitable for those places where people experience a lot of rainfall. It will prevent the basement from flooding due to excess water retention, and it also keeps away wild animals and pests.  

When it comes to internal basement window coverings, they are best to serve the purpose of sunlight and air control while also adding a pleasant aesthetic to the room. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are window coverings the same as window treatments? 

Yes, window coverings and window treatments are the same. Window treatments is another way of referring to any kind of window covering.

Can window privacy films be removed? 

Yes, you can remove window privacy films. It can closely resemble a sticker, but most don’t use adhesive to stick it to a surface. Instead, its siding static clings to stick to the surface. While most films don’t leave any residue behind, some might leave residue behind. 

What is the best window covering for basements? 

Basement windows can entirely surprisingly change the whole aesthetic of your home, adding curb appeal while also a safety net as an escape route if you ever need one. They let in natural light to have a clean and dry basement. Most basements are dark, so with a basement window, you can have natural light along with artificial lights that you can install. 

Conclusion & Final thoughts

To check all these boxes, we consider shutters the best window covering for basements. If you’re looking for external window covers, the window well covers are an excellent way to keep light and rain out of the basement window well. With shutters you get better control for light entry and privacy. Most shutters are also made from durable materials to withstand environmental wear and tear. 

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