Best Gym Flooring For Basement: Top 6 Reviewed

Are you looking for the best gym flooring for your basement? We got you covered. In order to save the concrete of your basement floor from all kinds of damage, great home gym flooring is essential. But what else does it do besides protect your floors from the various impacts of the machines and weights? In addition to making your home gym look good, it provides advantages like boosting your overall performance. An excellent gym flooring can give you the best surface for all kinds of intense workouts, canceling noises, preventing injury, and protecting your concrete from any damage.

The types of gym flooring preferred by most are usually made out of high-density EVA foam, wood, rubber, carpet, cork, and flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC). All these can do wonders for your home gym flooring, but it depends on your exercise and the types of equipment and machines you use.

In this article, we have listed some of the best gym flooring options for your basement and why you need them.

Basement Home Gym Flooring

innhome foam gym flooring tiles

While being considered one of the best gym floorings for concrete floors, innhome foam gym flooring tiles take the number one position on our list for your workout sess. Made from non-toxic EVA foam, these tiles are lightweight, and the puzzle piece-like design makes it easy for you to assemble these bad boys. The mats being ⅜ inch in thickness, it provides a remarkable shock-resistant feature. They can withstand any damage from any hard and rough surfaces and provide you with a sturdy cushioned space for your machines, weight, and cardio sessions.

In addition to a design that makes your home gym look splendid, these foam gym flooring tiles have the best non-slip feature, so you can work out without worrying about unnecessary injuries. They come as waterproof, and as a result, it prevents sweat, moisture, or water from seeping into the tiles. The price depends on the number of mats you are buying and is considered a cheaper and a better alternative to other gym flooring mats on the market.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Multipurpose flooring mats: gyms, garages, workshops, etc.
  • Great price range.
  • Easy set-up.


  • It might need some cuts on some edges while fitting.

Forest Floor Wood Grain Foam Tiles

The Forest Floor wood grain foam tiles are made with sturdy and soft EVA foam, and they provide another excellent cushioning for your basement home gym flooring. These tiles come in 6 different colors adding style to your home gym, and are anti-fatigue mats, which reduce strain on your knees and feet while working out, and you can use these tiles on any hard surfaces.

The tiles also come in a puzzle-like design, making them easy to assemble. A bonus feature would be the easy-to-trim feature of the detachable borders. Since each tile comes with 2 detachable borders and an easy to trim feature, you can easily customize the titles to fit according to your design. The tiles are more than capable of handling heavy weights and machines with a thickness of ⅜ inch making it a great cost-effective flooring solution for your entire basement gym. 


  • It comes in multiple colors adding style with the protection.
  • Affordable flooring solution.
  • Easy to wipe clean liquids.


  • Minor irregular fitting issues with some tiles.

IncStores ¼” Thick and Tough Rubber Flooring roll

Another excellent option for your basement home gym flooring is to use a tough and thick rubber flooring roll. IncStores ¼” thick and tough rubber flooring roll is made of recycled high-quality rubber that is sturdy enough for heavyweight exercises and cushioning heavy machines and equipment. They come in different designs in black and are versatile enough for various activities.

The thick and tough rubber flooring by Incstore can be a permanent or temporary flooring solution for you since it can be rolled up quickly if you ever decide on rearranging or relocating your home gym. It is cost-efficient for the durability it offers you.


  • Very easy to clean.
  • Maximum durability.
  • Slip-resistant.


  • It can be too heavy depending on some choices.

Gxmmat Extra Large Exercise Mat

The Gxmmat extra large exercise mat is made from premium PVC, and it is designed to easily withstand any gym equipment in question: heavy or normal. This large exercise mat is also used on existing flooring and over concrete to keep heavy machines on. The 0.25 thickness gives the perfect durability and cushioning for your intense cardio and aerobatics workouts sessions and more.

If you’re worried about shoes on or off, the high-dense micro-foam is perfectly durable in either case, and the special non-slip coating on the surface makes it easy to work out with sweat, and it is very easy to clean. Given that the high-dense foam also absorbs impact, you can have a noise-free workout session without worrying about possible disturbances you might cause.


  • Extra-large in size.
  • Shoe-friendly and skin-friendly.
  • Very comfortable with high impact.


  • The top is slightly sticky.

Sorbus Wood Floor Mats

They are made as a great cushioned padding for your home basement gym flooring. The Sorbus wood floor mats are foam interlocking tiles with a puzzle-like design that makes them easy to install. The tiles come in multiple colors, all giving you that classic faux wood grain finishes combining comfort, great cushion, and style in one. 

It is made of foam and non-porous, so it is waterproof and easy to clean. It is a versatile mat, making it ideal for your basement gym flooring or any room in mind. Although not suitable for placing really heavy equipment, you can easily do cushioned workout sessions like intense cardio since the mat reduces any strains on your feet. The Sorbus wood floor mats are ideal for anyone looking for that fabulous decor with great comfort and protection from damage on the floor.


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Great design.
  • Waterproof


  • Not very durable against really heavy objects.

Incstores Premium Soft Wood Print Foam Flooring Titles

Another product by Incstores on our list is the Incstores premium softwood print foam flooring tiles. Made with high-density EVA foam, you can build your basement home gym efficiently since it has the durability to take on heavy-duty sports exercises and cushion the weight of various machines. 

These top-quality foam flooring tiles can easily endure rough workouts like wrestling, where jumping is necessary with its amazing shock absorbent feature. It comes with an incredible variety of bold colors and textures, giving you a perfect look for your home basement gym. 


  • Very soft tiles.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It comes in various colors and textures.


  • The tiles can be rather hot in the summer.

Why are basements ideal for a home gym?

No weight limits 

There are standard weight limits on every flooring, so you have to consult with the specific flooring manufacturer when dealing with flooring that has floors or rooms beneath them. Sometimes it is quite the hassle to deal with every little detail before laying down your gym machines and weights. But the good news for you is that there will be no restrictions on weight if you plan to make your gym in your basement since there is nothing below to worry about.

You can create the perfect basement gym according to your needs, with all your desired heavy-duty machines and weights with a good flooring system that will protect your existing floors from any damages.


If you are on a top floor or above a floor, having a personal home gym can make a lot of noises and cause disturbances for tenants or families living below you. Even with a good flooring system, there will still be minimal sounds of landing the weights on the ground or from jumping ropes. An ideal feature of having a basement gym is not to worry about disturbances you might cause for people since it is isolated from the rest of your house.

With the addition of a proper installation of a gym flooring solution, you can always opt to make your basement home gym completely soundless from outside of the area.


Since basements are made of concrete with a carpet layer, it is an ideal choice to place your heavy-duty machines and weights to create a proper home gym. Unlike the other flooring on the rest of the house, it is not fragile, and you do not have to worry a lot about damages. And an ideal perk to basement concrete flooring is that it is usually leveled, so you don’t have to face the inconveniences of your weights rolling away from you in between your sets.


One of the best features of having a basement gym is that basements are usually cool and fresh because it is below ground level. This means you can do your most intense workout sessions in comfort without fighting to catch your breath due to the heat in the summers. Having a great space to work out will boost your performance and keep you motivated. 

Types of gym flooring for basement

Foam interlocking tiles

A popular option for all types of gyms is foam interlocking tiles. Usually made with engineered foam-like EVA, these tiles are very easy to install, versatile, and provide excellent thickness for good cushioning that saves your floors from various heavy machines, weights, and equipment used in different intense workout sessions. 

With foam interlocking tiles, you can add tiles as needed according to the space of your gym, and it is easy to replace and repair these tiles, saving you time and money.

Exercise mats

Exercise mats come in two varieties, rubber and foam. These mats are durable and versatile enough to withstand any possible damage from heavy machines and weights on your floors. They are relatively thin and mostly come with features like a non-slip coating, so you can even do intense cardio exercises without worrying about slipping on your sweat or any liquid preventing possible injuries. 

Exercise mats are also very easy to clean and you can simply roll them up and move them from a location to your desired location if you ever decide on changing your workout area.

Rubber rolls

These types of flooring are durable and very easy to maintain. They are considered as a heavy-duty gym flooring solution and can easily withstand heavy impacts of free weights and heavy workout machines and frequent intense cardio. Rubber rolls are also an excellent choice if you need high grip solutions for your various types of exercises.

Vinyl and hardwood flooring

The perks and cons of having vinyl and hardwood flooring are they look excellent but provide no good cushioning, which can be challenging to perform some types of weight lifting and exercises. The cushioning element of a good gym flooring is to not only protect your floors from damage but prevent you from obtaining injuries.

Although the vinyl is a cheaper alternative to hardwood flooring, it is highly less durable. The hardwood flooring is durable, but it is expensive and requires professional installation, so both of these flooring isn’t always preferred for a home gym where you are exposed to weights being dropped on the ground.


Cork gym flooring is a combination of comfort and durability. It offers high shock absorption, which is beneficial for reducing body fatigue and stress and decreasing the risk of injury. Cork flooring is water-resistant, eco-friendly, and lightweight, making it a popular choice for any gym.

Considerations when looking for basement gym flooring


An excellent basement gym flooring can save you from injuries, slips, and damage to your existing floors. Before choosing the flooring, you should consider how it will affect the look of your basement gym and how the material feels on every criterion. One of the most popular options for a basement gym flooring is rubber. They are extremely tough and have excellent durability that protects you from various injuries and your floors from damage.

Choosing the right material for your basement gym flooring solely depends on you and the kind of exercises you do. There are plenty of cost-efficient gym flooring options you can choose from that come with various features. However, one of the most important things to consider before selecting a gym flooring solution would be to check its durability and how easy it is to clean since gym floorings are prone to mess.

Impact absorption

An important feature to consider is the impact absorption of your basement gym flooring. Ask yourself, do you need high shock absorption for your knees? Understand that high-impact absorption materials like EVA foam are easier on the joints and help reduce body fatigue and prevent muscle stress.

A sturdy gym flooring that is soft enough to absorb the impact of the heavy exercises you do will maximize your health benefits and prevent various types of injuries. 

Total area of home gym

Ideally, you have a fixed workout area in mind in your basement. But does all your equipment fit? Do you plan on buying more? Do you have any plans on expanding your basement home gym? Is the space sufficient? Is your workout area too big for you? You should ask these questions and pick out a suitable gym flooring solution that is easy for you to efficiently move around if you have any plans of expanding or reducing your current basement home gym. 

A rubber flooring roll or a puzzle piece-like design flooring can be a good choice since it is easy to roll up or disassemble anytime and place it anywhere according to your needs. 

Type of exercise

You should always consider the type of exercises you plan to do before you buy gym flooring solutions for your home basement gym. You should also consider flooring solutions with more grip for intense cardio workouts, dancing, and aerobatics since more grip gives you perfect control and makes it less likely to slip on sweat or any liquid. 

Working with heavier weights and exercises like deadlifts demands a better impact absorption solution for your gym flooring. It cancels noise and helps you prevent unnecessary injuries, and promotes health. 

Choosing the right gym flooring can be quite the hassle, but keeping all these things into consideration could save your time, give you better performance and save your money.


Having the best gym flooring for your basement will save you from injuries and enhance your performance by a mile. We recommend our top pick: innhome foam gym flooring tiles. Not only is the puzzle piece-like design easy to assemble and disassemble, but its durability is also less than none, and it provides an excellent shock-resistant feature that absorbs all the damage done by weights and heavy machines. The innhome foam gym flooring tiles are the easiest to clean and it is waterproof, making them easy to work out in without worrying about slipping regardless of any exercise.

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