Best Blinds for Basement Windows Reviewed

Maintaining a beautiful, attractive house depends on how well you maintain the inside of your home. And choosing the best kind of blinds are a great asset to making your house look more beautiful.

Looking for the perfect blinds for your house will need a lot of your creativity, even if it is for your basement. Even though it is just a basement window, privacy is necessary, and thus blinds are a must even in your basement.

Using Blinds is helpful to prevent light from entering the room or directing the light inside the room the way you want. They also keep out dirt and dust. By using blinds, you can control how much sunlight is required inside the basement. Using a blind will definitely may your basement look more appealing.

Basement Windows Blinds

There are many reasons why a basement window needs blinds. But choosing the right one can be a difficult job. Here are some basement window blinds you can check out before buying them.

US Window And Floor 2″ Cordless Faux Wood Blinds

The US Window and Floor cordless faux wood blinds are made of faux wood and are100% PVC. It has a steel headrail and a cordless lift system which provides a modern look to the room. The slates are made of non-leaded PVC, and it is primarily white in color, thus making the room look fresh and clean.


  • easy to maintain and long-lasting
  • resistant to humidity
  • high-quality and sturdy


  • sometimes unsteady while hanging


The CHOCOLOGY Blinds are made up of vinyl and can be used as window or door blinds. It has great designs that complement any room, including your basement window. The slats are easy to adjust, so you can easily adjust the lighting in your room.


  • Great and versatile designs
  • Bend resistant
  • Easy to raise and lower blinds


  • Not very durable

SEEYE Zebra Shade Blinds

The SEEYE Zebra is made up of high-quality polyester. It has great breathability and is strong and dustproof. Even when you close the blinds, it allows light to enter that keeps the room private and bright. Thus, it can be used at night and during the daytime according to your preferences.


  • Easy to clean
  • Provide privacy as well as light
  • Can be kept half-closed for minimal light


  • Not very long-lasting

LOTUS & WINDOWARE 1” Cordless Vinyl Mini Blinds

The LOTUS & WINDOWARE vinyl mini blinds are made of good synthetic material that is resistant to discoloration. It is durable and will not break or tear easily, and it has an easy-to-use child-safe cordless design.


  • cost-effective
  • easy to install


  • very fragile

Benefits of Blinds for your Basement Windows

Increased Privacy

Privacy is vital for any house, even if it’s your basement. You can maintain that privacy by using window covers. Using blinds can provide more privacy than other covers for windows. They are also better than curtains because it is easier to maintain. The main reason blinds are better is that they can completely cover your windows and save the room from burglars. Blinds are great options because they not only provide privacy but they also allow light to enter while maintaining that privacy.

Personalized Styling

There are a variety of blinds, namely, mini blinds, panel blinds, and even cordless blinds. Depending on your basement window and your preferences, you can choose from different types of blinds. You can also opt for designs based on your budget. Wood blinds will be a little more expensive than plastic or vinyl blinds. You also get to choose from various colors based on your house color scheme and the size of the slats based on your preferences. The availability of such choices helps you find the best blinds that complement your interior.

Precise control of light entering the basement

One best thing about blinds is you can control the amount of sunlight that enters the room. Light control is one crucial aspect everyone requires inside their home. You can allow either full sunlight or just mild sunlight to even complete darkness inside your room by using blinds. You can do this by simply keeping the blinds fully open or fully closed, or half-closed. Thus, it is very easy to control the lighting and the amount of sunlight entering the room. Blinds are also great for blocking too much heat from entering your basement, thus keeping it cool and protecting your household stuff from discoloration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the width of a standard basement window?

The size of a basement window depends upon the area where it is positioned. There is no particular size requirement for a basement window. However, most standard basement windows are mostly between 15 to 40 inches.

How long should your blinds be?

A standard basement window is mostly 15 inches in size and is relatively short. Hence, if you are looking for a blind, better opt for the shortest possible unless your basement windows are pretty large. If they happen to belong, you will have to keep them folded up most of the time.

Should you use blinds on egress windows?

It is unnecessary to add a blind on an egress window because they should be ideally left free. However, adding a blind will provide extra privacy, especially if your window is near a walkway. So, it will be okay to use quick opening blinds on your egress window.

Blinds Vs. Curtains

Both blinds and curtains have their good and bad points. When it comes to design, curtains can only be made of fabric material, while blinds can be made either of fabric, wood, or metal. Blinds are also more convenient for controlling the amount of light needed. However, curtains are easier to install and maintain.

Other types of Basement Window coverings


Shutters are very similar to blinds; they provide privacy, security, and protection and allow light control. The main dissimilarity between shutters and blinds is that shutters are fixed on the window frame while blinds are attached above the window. Hence, while blinds can be rolled up, shutters cannot be rolled up. Shutters are also more costly than blinds.


Trims are used to cover the gap between the window and the wall. They are molding used to set the windows or doors in a house. It helps in enhancing the style of the room. It is a cheap way of making your room look more attractive. Trims do not help much in maintaining the privacy and are most popularly used for decoration. It is only an aesthetic on your basement window.


Shades also have the same purpose as a blind. They are used for covering a window from sunlight or privacy and as a decoration. But blinds can be opened or closed, while shades are a solid covering made from a soft material. They are great for blocking light from entering the room completely. They are also cheaper than blinds. When it comes to cleaning shades, they need a little more effort since they are better cleaned with a vacuum brush. However, blinds require dusting from time to time with a cloth.

Privacy Film

Many people opt for blinds for privacy, but if you are looking for something that offers extra benefit, you would want to try out a privacy film. Privacy films are cheaper compared to other window coverings. It blocks most of the sun’s heat from entering the room and thus keeps your room cool. It also does not allow dust to build up and is, therefore, easier to maintain. But one downside of privacy film is that it is hard to remove. And even if you can remove it since it uses adhesive, it cannot be reattached and has to be thrown out once removed.


Choosing a blind for your basement window can be a difficult job for the obvious reason that their sizes and the position they are in can be odd. You will also have to keep in mind what purpose you will be using the basement for and the temperature inside the basement to be able to choose the right kind of blinds.

Make sure to select the best kind of blinds for your basement, depending on how much sunlight they get. Humidity is one main problem in most basement areas. Thus, you should check the humidity and choose a mold-resistant blind if your basement is likely to trap moisture. Wood or plastic-made blinds will be a good choice for a basement that has a lot of humidity since they are also easier to clean.

If you are looking for a blind for your basement window, you can try the US Window and Floor faux wood blinds. They are made of high-quality materials and are durable and of low maintenance. One plus point is it is resistant to humidity and will prevent the room from becoming damp. It is an excellent choice if you are looking for a cost-effective blind for your basement window.

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