Best Infrared Heater for Basements Reviewed – Top 6

Best Infrared Heater for Basement

Here’s a question, what’s the most essential space in a home that’s commonly overlooked by homeowners?  Is it the attic? Or what about the bathrooms?

The correct answer, folks, is the basement.

Believe it or not, we usually don’t pay a lot of attention to the makings of the basement. After all, it’s just the basement; who cares, right?

That is until you actually spend some time down there and eventually come to a drastic realisation. The basement is COLD! Way colder than the rest of the house. That’s because cold air always sinks to the ground while hot air rises above it. This is due to cold air being way more denser as compared to hot air. It’s basic chemistry, folks! Or was it physics?

Either way, another reason why your basement feels like the north pole is because it never gets any direct sunlight to maintain any heat. This becomes a problem as it makes the basement unseasonably cold for human presence. What’s more, a cold basement affects the overall temperature of your house, making everything colder with each passing day.

But wait, isn’t there a solution to this? Well, we’re glad you asked. We have two words for you; Basement heaters.

Basement heaters are a one-stop solution to maintaining a comfortable and pleasant environment for your home. After all, there’s nothing like a warm and cosy home to spend the rest of your life in.

Best Basement Infrared Heaters

There’s an endless number of options when it comes to basement heaters. We’ve done extensive research on the topic and come to the conclusion that infrared heaters are the best possible choice. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 6 best-infrared basement heaters.

  1. Dr Infrared Portable Space Heater, 1500-Watt

The DR. Infrared heater comes packed with a dual heating system that provides consistent and comfortable heating for your basement. The device uses its high-velocity noise blower to distribute the heat across the room evenly. We can guarantee that you won’t find any cold corners in your basement with this bad boy in the picture. It achieves this not by heating the air around you but rather by heating the objects in the room. This ensures fast and reliable heating even during the coldest of winter nights.

The Dr Infrared heater knows how to use energy efficiently. Research reveals that the device can produce 60 % more heat for the same amount of energy when compared to other heaters. You can literally save up on 50 % of your electrical bill by using a Dr Infrared heater. What’s more, the device has an auto-shutdown system in the event of overheating. So you can leave the heater when you go out without the risk of burning your home.

The device has three modes; high, low and auto. Setting the mode to auto lets the heater cycle between the high and low settings, maintaining a consistent balance in the temperature. If that isn’t convenient, we don’t know what is.

Unlike every other conventional heater on the market, Dr Infrared heater doesn’t make your skin go dry. That’s because it doesn’t resort to simply shooting out hot air towards your face. Instead, it uses the 7-inch blower to generate pressure, creating the maximum air volume at minimum speed without draining any moisture from the room. Oh, and did we mention that the heater is completely silent?

Pros of the Dr Infrared Heater

  1. Saves up on energy, greatly reducing your electricity bills.
  2. It evenly distributes the heat across the room without creating hot or cold spots.
  3. Superior scientific technology that achieves comfortable heating without shooting hot air pressure.
  4. Mechanics are noiseless, ensuring a calm and relaxing environment.

Cons of the Dr Infrared Heater

  1. Issues may arise if used in homes with modular wiring.
  2. Temperature readings are available only in Fahrenheit with no options to convert to Celsius.

2.  LIFE SMART 6 Element Infrared Heater

The first thing to talk about here is the stylish metal cabinet and appealing design, which gives this heater an attractive look. The LIFE SMART 6 Element Infrared Heater implements an economic balance of power, allowing the heat to disperse efficiently. It uses the latest technology featuring 6 quartz infrared heating elements to maintain a comfortably warm room temperature.

We’re glad to say that this heater performs incredibly well when it comes to power consumption. The LIFE SMART only uses a maximum voltage of 1500 watts while providing an impressive amount of heat. The device has 3 settings for energy-saving mode and an eco setting that heats smaller areas in the room.

The LIFE SMART heater brings the element of zone-heating to your lovely abode. This is achieved by warming up only those rooms and areas that you want to, at your convenience. The heater has multiple units that can choose which room you want to focus on. That’s probably why it’s called Life ‘’smart’’.

If you have a lot of kids or pets running around the house, then this heater is the perfect choice for you. The metal cabinet covering the device never heats up and is absolutely safe to touch. You could practically sit on the thing without feeling a whiff of heat. What’s more, the heater is compact and small in size, allowing for convenient portability. Not to mention, the cabinet is totally fireproof.

The LIFE SMART is known for its ability to release pristine and pure warm air without using any toxins or fuels. This lets you maintain a clean and fresh environment with zero smell.

Pros of LIFE SMART 6 Element Infrared heater

  1. Provides clean and fresh warm air that maintains a pleasant environment without any foul odours.
  2. The heater is safe for families with plenty of kids or pets.
  3. Zone heating technology allows for selective heating of rooms.
  4. The design is stylish and practical at the same time.
  5. The body remains cool throughout usage, making it safe to touch.

Cons of LIFE SMART 6 Element Infrared heater

  1. The probability of software errors is rare but possible.
  2. It does not come with a thermal limit switch which is crucial for any heating device; customers have to buy it separately.
  3. The device does not include batteries and has to be acquired separately.

3.  LifeSmart HT1013

The next infrared heater on our list is another wonderful creation of the LifeSmart brand. The LifeSmart HT1013 packs an impressive look with an exquisitely futuristic aesthetic. The visually captivating digital display makes operating this device a fun activity.

This heater also comes with 6 quartz infrared heating elements and a fireproof cabinet like the previous model. We can also find the familiar 3 heat settings and the popularly used eco mode, which prevents excessive power usage.

The interesting thing about the HT1013 is the implementation of efficient radiant heating technology. Radiant heating technology carries out the release of heatwaves through a system of tubes or coils. This is a much superior method compared to the forced-air method, which blasts heat from a gas furnace. Moreover, the radiant heating method is 30 % more efficient than any other form of heating. Additionally, radiant heating results in a consistent warmth spread out more evenly across the room.

The HT1013 is the perfect choice for someone living in a big house with large and spacious rooms. The device uses powerful infrared space heating technology that evenly spreads plenty of warmth across huge spaces.

This heater takes extra steps to ensure the safety and security of its users. The use of overheat and tip-over shut-offs prevent any accidents from taking place. Last but not least, the device uses an in-built child lockout system that prevents your little ones from messing around with the settings. 

Pros of LifeSmart HT1013

  1. Advantageous for families living in big sized homes with spacious rooms.
  2. Child-lock features prevent unexpected accidents, increasing the overall security of the users.
  3. Use of superior radiant heating technology that ensures safe and reliable heating.

Cons of LifeSmart HT1013

  1. The heater is compactly sized for convenience; however, that makes it vulnerable to being knocked over.
  2. Heating capabilities are limited if used in open spaces such as garages or greenhouses.

4. Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI Infrared Heater

The Heat Storm HS-1500 Infrared Heater is a creation of EnergyWise solutions, a company that has made waves in the latest technological innovation. The device was launched in 2012 with the objective of bringing reliable, consistent and safe heating options. It goes without saying that the device has become one of their most successful products in the market today.

This heater has a unique and appealing design, giving it a sleek and attractive look. We won’t be surprised if people confuse this device with a mounted wall air conditioner.

Heat Storm uses the radiant heating method, which comfortably heats the room without burning any fuel. What’s more, these heaters are incredibly energy efficient and help save up on those electricity bills. This is achieved using EnergyWise’s own HMS dual-wall technology, a technique that the company has patented.

Convenience is the name of the game here; the Heat Storm comes packed with a fully functional WIFI capability. That means you can easily control the workings of the heater from the comfort of your phone. This is a wall-mounted heater, so you don’t have to bother moving it around everywhere. Just pick a good spot in your basement and let the heater do the rest; we guarantee you’ll never feel the chilling cold ever again.

However, if that isn’t your thing, you can always go for the non-mounted portable version, which can be moved according to your convenience. The only thing is that the portable version does not include remote control wifi features.

Safety and security are of the utmost priority here. You’ll be glad to know that all Heat Storm devices come with an official certification from ETL. For those of you who don’t know, ETL is a technological testing laboratory which is nationally recognised. So don’t worry about any safety risks; you can trust Heat Storm to provide safe and secure heating solutions to every home.

If you’re concerned about keeping the device near your children, know that it is absolutely safe to do so. The Heat Storm comes with child lock functionality and an auto shut off function if it gets knocked over. Additionally, the device automatically shuts down in the case of overheating. Finally, the Heat Storm comes with a much-needed power outage recall setting.

The entire unit is safe to touch as it does not heat up even after excessive and prolonged usage. What’s more, the heater stays cool throughout, and the wall behind it also maintains a cool temperature. Finally, the heating grill, which, although looks dangerous, remains cool throughout and is 100 % safe to touch.

Heat Storm heaters come packed and ready to use, so no assembly is required here. Just mount it up on the desired section of your wall and let the magic work. The Heat Storm has excellent and quick heating facilities; these heaters do the job within a fraction of the time required for other heaters.

Pros of Heat Storm HS-1500

  1. One lithium-ion battery is included, which is necessary for the device’s optimal functionality.
  2. Wifi remit control options make it convenient to change settings with a touch of your phone.
  3. No release of harmful fumes that might affect the user’s health.
  4. Comes with an in-built air filter that works to improve the cleanliness of the air in your home.

Cons of Heat Storm HS-1500

  1. Must be unplugged when not in use.
  2. The device is problematic to repair in case of any physical damage.

5.  Dr Infrared Heater DR-978

We have yet another trusty device with the Dr Infrared name tag at number five on our list. We present to you the Dr Infrared Heater DR-978, a reliable heating device that consistently delivers warmth and radiance to your basement.

The device itself looks attractive and cute, making it a great addition to your lovely home. The aesthetical design and appealing black finish blends in with the decor of your abode. Many have said that the device looks like a decorative piece that adds to the cosy visuals of their homes.

The DR-978 uses the latest infrared technology, which guarantees a higher and stronger heat output. Its Hybrid Dual heating system PTC is an incredible area of innovation which is unique to the Dr Infrared line of heaters.

This device is more than capable of pushing out large volumes of warm air without making a lot of noise. This is possible because of the large-sized blowers used in all Dr infrared heaters. What’s more, Dr infrared heaters, including the DR-978, can heat up your basement much faster than any other brand.

When it comes to safety and security, the DR-978 does more than impress. The device heats the room without any exposed heating elements, making it perfectly safe for children and pets to be around it. It has an automatic shut down functionality in the event of being tipped or knocked over.

Not to mention, the shut-off protection system is enabled in the case of overheating as well. What’s more, the device comes with an inlet air protection system that further improves the safety of your home. It works by automatically cutting off the power if the inlet air cuts become filled or obstructed, resulting in overheating.

If there are any other doubts regarding the safety of this device, do not worry. We’ll have you know that the line of Dr infrared heaters comes certified by the league of Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

The DR-978 is built and designed to warm up your room in the most efficient way possible. The radian and fan force heating mode provides optimal warmth and comfort against the cold. The in-built thermostat effectively regulates the heater’s functions, making it cycle on and off to maintain a particular temperature level. Finally, the eco mode is incredible when it comes to saving energy without reducing the level of warmth.

Pros of Dr Infrared DR-978

  1. No exposed heating elements and tip-over protection makes it safe to use near children and pets.
  2. Noiseless but effective heating because of the large-sized blower
  3. The Inlet air protection system cuts off the main power in case the inlets are obstructed.
  4. Automatic shut down in case of overheating.

Cons of Dr Infrared DR-978

  1. Cannot be used in outdoor or partially outdoor areas.
  2. The device may cause complications if used in homes with modular wiring.

6.  Dr Infrared Heater DR-238/102,60 BTU

Last but not least on our list is the line of dual heaters (indoor and outdoor) by Dr Infrared. The Dr 238 and 102,60 BTU models are recommended as two of the best heating solutions for your basement.

Dr 238 infrared heater

The device has an IP55 approval and is compatible with both indoor and outdoor use making it perfect for garages, homes, backyards or outdoor patios. It is a great choice to create a warm and cosy environment for all your indoor and outdoor activities. The heat provided is instant and clean, meaning you won’t smell any strange odour as you would with other devices.

The heater comes with a bracket which can be used to mount the device on the wall or ceiling. It’s up to you whether you want to position it in one permanent area or if you want to carry it around wherever you go.

The Dr 238 provides efficient and high powered heating solutions. This is achieved by using an aluminium reflector that can reflect heat up to 90 %. Moreover, the device is made with durable aluminium materials, making it weatherproof. You don’t have to worry about rain or splashing water when using this device. Additionally, the heater is protected against condensation, moisture and exposure to extreme weather elements.

102,60 BTU infrared heater

The 102,60 BTU shares most of the prominent features of the Dr 238 heater. The key difference is that the BTU uses a maximum power of 3000 watts and has an operating voltage ranging between 220v to 240 v. Meanwhile, the DR 238 has a maximum uses a maximum power of 1500 watts with an operational voltage of 120 V.

The 102,60 BTU infrared heater uses more power and has superior heating capabilities than the Dr 238. You will nothing other than comfortable and desirable instant heat. The infrared technology results in warm air of the most pristine quality, meaning no disgusting odour. What’s more, the IP55 technology makes it incredible to use for cold outdoor spaces.

The device is easy to mount on the wall or ceiling; it comes with the necessary hardware required to do so. It also comes with a remote control which allows for easy switching between different power levels and modes.

Safety is not an issue here, as the heater comes with in-built protection against extreme rainy weather. It has a self recoverable protection system against overheating and only uses UL certified and safe plugs.

Pros of Dr 238/102,60 BTU heaters

  1. Great for indoor and outdoor heating.
  2. Comes with necessary hardware that makes mounting the device an easy task.
  3. Clean and instant odourless heating.
  4. Protection against harsh weather or splashing water.

Cons of Dr 238/102,60 BTU heaters

  1. The batteries required to operate the devices don’t come with the product and have to be acquired separately.
  2. Using 3000 watts will result in a high electricity bill.

Types of Indoor heaters for basement use

Infrared Heater

The key element in an infrared heater is that it uses infrared radiation to emit local heat directly and spread it evenly across an area. Infrared heaters don’t function by heating up the entire environment or warming up the airwaves present in an open space. Instead, they efficiently spread the warmth by heating objects and people present within a given space. Moreover, infrared heaters usually don’t use any fans, but some models may include a fan for compatibility reasons.

The objective here is not the heat up the entire space unnecessarily but to only focus on those areas which the users occupy. The advantage of this heating method is that the amount of heat lost is comparatively fewer than that of convector heaters.

Infrared heaters are most suitable for rooms and areas with little or poor insulation. Moreover, it is pretty useful in situations where you want to direct the heat to a specific room area. This makes infrared heaters a great choice to use in workshops.

Convection Heater

Convection heaters use a very conventional method of directly pushing out heatwaves from the heater. This is done by effectively heating the air present within the device with coils. After this is done, the freshly heated air is expelled from the device, which causes the room to warm up.

Convection heaters are a much better choice when compared to oil heaters; however, they have a limited heating range when compared to fan heaters.

Additionally, convection heaters are comparatively quieter than fan or oil fulled heaters,  which is an added advantage.

Oil-filled space heater

Oil-filled heaters operate by heating the oil-like substance present inside the device, resulting in the exhaust of warm air. One advantage of oil heaters is that the heat emitted lasts comparatively longer than other heaters. This is because the heated oil remains warm for an extended period. This allows the heat to linger in the room, effectively keeping the room warm for longer hours.

Like convection heaters, oil heaters also have a small range of heat; however, this doesn’t prevent them from efficiently heating larger and more spacious rooms. That’s why people choose oil heaters to heat the entire house instead of individual rooms. This is much better than infrared heaters, which can only be used to heat smaller rooms.

Benefits of Infrared heaters

Infrared heaters have multiple benefits that can be well suited to specific heating needs. First of all, infrared heaters are not noisy like most other heaters. They are known for providing reliable and consistent heat without creating any noise.

Secondly, Infrared heaters are well known for their efficient heating mechanism. Rather than wasting heat on the entire room, it will heat objects present in the room, such as sofas and couches etc.

Thirdly, infrared heaters maintain the moisture in the air and don’t sap it dry. This prevents your skin from drying up.

Fourthly, Infrared heaters don’t use any combustion or burning of oil substances. This allows for clean and pure heat to be emitted from the device. The heat emitted from infrared heaters carries no odour and is safe for your lungs.

Fifth, Infrared heaters don’t heat the device’s body, allowing you to touch the surface without burning your hand.

Finally, infrared heaters are lightweight and easier to carry when compared to Oil heaters. This makes it a great portable device which we can carry around wherever we want.

Features of Infrared heaters


All infrared heaters come with a thermostat essential for maintaining temperature control. The thermostat lets us know the current temperature, which can be altered according to our needs.

Remote Control

Infrared heaters usually come with a remote control which gives you easy and convenient control of all the functionalities of the heater.


Infrared heaters come with timers which can be set according to your needs. You can set a particular time for the heater to switch off or change to a different heating mode.


Some infrared heaters come with capabilities which allow us to control the device from anywhere in the house using our phones.

Overheat protection

Infrared heaters come with an automatic shut down function in the case of overheating. This protects your home by preventing the device from heating further and causing a fire.

Tips for using an infrared heater safely

Never use it with extension cords or power bars.

Infrared heaters should never be used on extension cords or power bars as it increases the risk of electrical fires. Use grounded power points instead to ensure security and protection from fire.

Operate only when needed

You should never leave your infrared heater alone while it is switched on. Always be in the room or nearby so you can oversee the performance and change the settings accordingly.

Only use on completely dry and level surfaces

Infrared heaters should never be placed on uneven or wet surfaces, even if the heater is waterproof.

Do not place any objects directly in front

All objects should be placed at a minimum distance of 3 feet from the heater.

Other factors to consider when looking for an infrared heater for your basement


The size of the heater should be based on whether or not you wish to move it around the size. If that is the case, a small-sized and lightweight, portable heater is better suited for you. If you plan to leave it in one place, you can go ahead with a bigger and heavier heater.

Wattage & power rating

Generally, a minimum wattage of 1500w is required to heat a basement effectively. On the other hand, you can go for a 3000w heater if your basement has a 240 v plug.

Automatic on-off

Heaters with automatic on-off and temperature capabilities are a must for anyone living in the 22nd century.

Permanent Vs. Portable

Be sure to figure out if you want a permanently placed heater or one which can be moved around. The size and weight of the heater also matter a lot here.

If you want a portable heater, you should definitely go for one with wheels or handles so you can move it around easily.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the most energy-efficient type of heater?

Infrared heaters are by far the most efficient when it comes to saving energy.

How many watts should a basement heater have?

A typical 1500w heater is enough for a small to medium-sized basement. Larger basements might require a 3000w heater.

Where should you place an infrared heater in your basement?

Place it around the area where you will stay and point the heater towards you with a minimum distance of 4 feet apart.

Can a basement infrared heater heat up the whole house?

Yes absolutely. As we know, hot air rises above. Therefore, the heat emitted from the heater will eventually spread across the house’s upper floors.

Can you leave an infrared heater on all the time?

Unless you want to risk burning your house, we would not recommend you to do this. Infrared heaters have fail-safes in case of overheating. However, that doesn’t mean you can ignore them for an extended period.

Conclusion and Finishing thoughts

After conducting several research and tests, we have concluded that the Dr Infrared portable space heater of 1500w is by far the best on the list.

We aren’t saying that this heater is optimum for all types of basements. It goes without saying that larger basements would require at least 3000w to heat up effectively.

However, when it comes to a general level, we have to say that the Dr infrared portable space heater is the best pick for 2022.

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