Best Track Lighting for Basement: Top 5 Reviewed

Basements are often neglected when it comes to interior design, including lighting. In most cases, you don’t use your basement’s space because there isn’t proper lighting, and there’s not much natural light entering the room. Most basements go unused or are not being utilized to their total capacity. With the proper lighting, you can fully utilize your basement to store all your things and aid in decluttering your home.

With improved lighting in your basement, you can be motivated to complete your unfinished basement space and even organize storage in your home. If you want to renovate your basement with proper lighting, continue reading this article and find out more about what lighting is best. 

Best Basement Track Lighting

West 6 Globe Electric Track Lighting with Center Swivel Bars


  • It comes with pivoting track heads to point the light in whichever direction you want.  
  • The West 6 Globe Electric Track Light is compatible with dimmer switches which you can use to control the amount of brightness in your basement. 
  • Using the swivel bar, you can create different track light designs in your basement. 


  • It is not the most manageable track light to install in your basement. 

The West 6Globe Electric Track Lighting comes in a matte black finish with a sleek industrial look. The best part of the West 6 Globe Electric Track Light is the center swivel bar unique to this brand. It is a double two-light swivel bar that you can use to choose any lighting styles you want in your room. Whatever your room aesthetic, this control can let you create the lighting design you want.

Product Details:

Product Dimensions‎4.75 x 19.25 x 2 inches
Power Source‎Hardwired
Voltage‎120 Volts
Wattage‎21 watts
Type of Bulb‎LED
Luminous Flux‎1200 Lumen
Mounting Type‎Ceiling Mount
Switch Style‎Wall Light Switch
Special Features‎Track Lighting Kit
Batteries Required?‎No

WAC Lighting LED Track Kit with 3 Spot Lights


  • The LED WAC Track light is energy efficient
  • You can direct the lighting 369 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically. 
  • The LED WAC Lighting Track Kit is energy-star rated.


  • Since it is an H-type track light, you cannot replace the fixtures with any other type of lighting such as J or L type track lights.

This track lighting kit comes with three 8010 LED light fixtures, which are powerful enough to light up your dark basement. You can supply power anywhere in the track with the floating canopy power feed, which comes together in the kit. 

It is also compatible with a dimmer, so you can make the lighting as bright or dim as you want. The LED WAC Track light is 4 feet long, which you can cut to any desired length. You also get end caps, making it easier to cut and place them anywhere in the room without worrying about open outlets. 

Product Details:

Product Dimensions‎48 x 2.38 x 6.5 inches
Size‎3 Lights
Power Source‎AC
Voltage‎120 Volts
Wattage‎33 watts
Type of Bulb‎LED
Luminous Flux‎2550 Lumen
Plug Format‎A- US-style
Special Features‎Dimmable
Warranty Description‎5 years functional, 2 years finish.

Globe Electric 4-Light Track Lighting 


  • It comes in a very minimalist design which gives a modern and contemporary look. You can use this track lighting to light up your basement in style. 
  • You can install Payton Globe Electric 4-Light Track on both sloped and straight surfaces.
  • The LED WAC Lighting Track Kit is energy-star rated.


  • The mounting cover area may be small for some, which exposes the electrical box through the gap.

The Payton Globe Electric 4-Light Track Lighting bar has pivoting track light heads, which you can rotate however you want to direct light in a specific direction. 

If you want to adjust the brightness of the light, you can purchase a dimmer separately and control the intensity of light in the basement. Before buying a dimmer, make sure it is compatible with the Payton Globe Electric 4-Light Track Lighting system.

Product Details:

Product Dimensions‎4.33 x 19.7 x 4.6 inches
Color‎Matte Black
Voltage‎120 Volts
Wattage‎50 watts
Warranty Description‎No warranty

6-Light Grayson Globe Electric Track Lighting 


  • The construction of the track light is heavy and sturdy.
  • The 6-Light Grayson Globe Electric track light comes in a unique S shape which is an entirely new look for track lights.
  • The light fixtures, although adjustable, do not move around or change their direction on their own.


  • Since it is a heavy metal fixture, you cannot use it on plastic ceilings or those surfaces that are not strong enough to hold it in place.

If you are going for a minimal yet contemporary look for your room’s aesthetic, the 6-Light Grayson Globe Electric track lighting is the best option. It comes in bronze and is finished with oil rubbed look, giving you the best rustic-looking elegance money can buy.

You get six individual track lights in this, which are all adjustable and can change directions of the light as needed. The 6-Light Grayson Globe Electric track lighting is pretty easy to install since it comes with all the necessary hardware for the installation process. 

 Product Details:

Product Dimensions‎7.87 x 52.36 x 8.66 inches
Color‎Oil-rubbed Bronze
Voltage‎120 Volts
Wattage‎50 watts
Type of Bulb‎Halogen
Luminous Flux‎465 Lumen
Special Features‎Adjustable
Warranty Description‎No warranty

Cedric 3 light Globe Electric Track Lighting


  • The track heads on this track light are adjustable to direct the light in any direction you want for the most efficiency.
  • You can easily install this track light on vaulted or sloped ceilings.
  • All the hardware you need to mount this track light is already included in the package.


  • You need to find a specific type of bulb to fit into the track light, which is not readily available everywhere.

This track lighting comes in a modern design, making designing your home more accessible. The Cedric 3 light Globe Electric Track Lighting has a stylish antique pewter finish along with three bulbs that are also composed of antique brass. It is recommended that you buy a compatible dimmer so that you can adjust the amount of brightness or intensity of the light as you like.

Product Details:

Product Dimensions‎3.94 x 24.4 x 8.38 inches
Color‎Antique Brass
Voltage‎120 Volts
Wattage‎60 watts
Luminous Flux‎245 Lumen
Warranty Description‎No warranty

Types of Basement Lighting 

Track Lighting 

Track lights are long strips with lighting fixtures mounted on them. This central strip where you mount the light fixtures is called the track. You have the freedom to place the lights anywhere in the track, so you can choose to angle them in whichever direction you want.  

LED track light
LED track light

It is considered very inexpensive lighting for your basement. It gives you a very bright shine that can light up any dark corners of the basement. If you think that the light is too harsh, you cancan attach a dimmer to adjust the brightness of the track lighting in your basement. 

Hanging Fixtures 

Hanging fixtures’ main appeal is style and design, and it is also a part of task lighting typically used in bar seating areas or gaming areas such as snooker, where you will need a reliable light source. Since they are made to hover over some table or stools, they hand pretty low and can be a nuisance for small spaces or low ceilings.  

LED Strips 

basement room lighting
Basement cinema room with LED strips

It is inarguably the most popular form of lighting design. Color Changing LED strips are the most popular and are sometimes called “mood” lighting. A more practical way to use this lighting in your basement is to line your ceiling with the LED strips so you get a sophisticated look plus functional since it can brighten up your spaces as well. You can also use LED strips to emphasize or accent certain basement parts, such as a table or bar or even drawers and cabinets, by lining them underneath. 

Wall Lighting 

The best part about wall lighting is that it won’t take up your head or floor space. Scones and wall Lighting are generally used as supplementary or decorative lighting since they tend to be quite low-intensity lights.  

Especially if you are planning to use your basement as an area for gaming, you will need quite a large number of scones to light up your basement even to average brightness. With that said, wall lighting has advanced over the years into modern-looking, contemporary pieces with classic finishing that don’t cost as much. 

Wall Lighting

Floor Lamps 

Floor lamps are pretty quickly the simplest form of task lighting. You can find tons of floor lamps in different shapes, designs and colors, and they are easy to style and blend into your already ready space.  

The installation process is also the easiest with floor lamps. As long as you have an outlet for the lamp cord, you’re good to go. It is essentially the most convenient form of task lighting since you can move it around as much as you want without doing any heavy lifting.  

Considerations When Looking for Basement Track Lighting 

Basement Purpose and Usage 

The first and foremost consideration you need to ponder is what you need the basement space for. According to this, you will calculate how much light you need and choose the appropriate amount of track lighting you need for the basement. For example, if you plan to use your basement for extracurricular activities like games, you will need plenty of light, whereas if you are using it as a simple storage room, you will not need as much. 

Finished vs. Unfinished Basement 

Finished basements have finished ceilings and walls and are typically brighter open spaces. They also tend to have some form of recessed lighting and flooring details done. If you want a finished basement, you will need a lot of track lighting since these basements are used as living spaces. You should also consider what kind of basement you want, minimalist or modern with stylish décor and ambiance. Accordingly, you can decide the type of lighting and how much light you want.  

lights of a finished basement
Finished basement with spotlights

On the other hand, unfinished basements don’t have finished floors, walls, or ceilings. They are dark, without or with minimal natural light. The essential purpose is to store unwanted or rarely used house items. Since this type of basement won’t be used as a living space, they won’t require you to install heavy track lighting.  

Bulb Wattage 

Since basements tend to be the darkest rooms out of all the rooms in the house, you will require high wattage to illuminate the entire room. Typically, LED bulbs of at least 8 watts are the recommended lighting for any basement. 

Color Temperature 

Whether you want your basement to be a living room, entertainment room, or working space, you can go for a color temperature that suits the space. A higher wattage lighting will give your room a more fresh look which can be good for productivity if your basement will be your workspace. If you want a cozy basement living space, you can choose a lower color temperature to give it soothing, less harsh lighting. 

Kitchen Lighting
Lighting for Your Home

How to Install Track Light Fixtures in Your Basement? 

Track light fixtures are pretty easy to install, especially if you already have the necessary experience of different household repairs. Since they are made to be easily installed like any other light fixture, you can do it without the help of a technician.  

Before you start the installation process, it is best to do a routine survey of the room and figure out where you want the fixtures to go in place. 

  1. Turn off the source of electricity in your basement. 
  1. Remove any old light fixtures that might take up space in the areas you want your track lighting to be. Ensure that you note down where each colored wire should go and the screws holding the fixtures in place. 
  1. Drill a hole in the ceiling or the wall, wherever you place the track lighting. Make sure that the hole is is enough to fit the screws of your track bar. Let the position of the hole be at the beginning of the track lighting bar.  
  1. Use a long fish tape to push into the switch box and the wall/ceiling. 
  1. Join the end of the long fish tape with a shorter tape and pull the longer tape into the basement. 
  1. Add a cable to the fish tape and pull it out towards the hole. Push it through the hole until it comes out of the switch box. 
  1. Attach the able to the end of the track lighting system 
  1. Hold the track light in place and screw one end to the ceiling or the wall. 
  1. Now connect the end of the track to a flexible coupling and blend it till it’s at a 90-degree angle. 
  1. Repeat the same with the remaining tracks and cut the track with a saw if it is necessary according to wall or ceiling space. 
  1. Attach an electrical cable to the first track light and fasten the color and wires with the screw. Make sure that you choose the correct colored wires to connect to their corresponding screws.  
  1. Put up the new wall switchboard with all the cables attached. 
  1. Attach the track light fixtures in your track system 
  1. Turn on the primary electricity source and slip the switch the see if the light comes on. After this, you can rotate your light fixtures to where you want the light to shine. 

Note: Please do not attempt to do this if you are not experienced in any electrical installations before.  For more information and DIY steps, check the video below:


There’s a rustic elegance to track lights. The versatility and functionality of track lighting make it a good option for basement lighting. Track lighting is the best and most convenient solution for basements since it is pretty flexible.  

If you plan to change the lighting in your basement, we recommend using the West 6 Globe Electric Track Lighting, which comes with a Center Swivel Bars. You can use this bar to change the type of lighting you want in the basement. Additionally, if you are renovating the whole basement, it is best to consult an expert before making permanent changes in your basement.  

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