Best Water Leak Detector for Basement: Top 4 Reviewed

Basements are a great addition to your home and can be used for several household activities. Most people use the basement to wash their clothes, while some even use it as an entertainment room. Whatever the case, it goes without saying that basements are essential for your home.

But you know what’s annoying? Heading down to the basement to get some peace and quiet, only to discover a nasty case of water leakage. That’s right; water leakage is one of the most common issues that plague your average basement. Cases of water creeping in through the foundation walls are all but common occurrences in most households.

This can cause a slew of problems for you and your family, such as mold growth and damage to your house’s foundation. To top it off, fixing the problem when it becomes too late often results in you spending vast sums of money.

That’s why it is of the utmost importance that any instances of water leakage be fixed right away. But how do we do this? How do we detect the problem before it gets out of hand? The answer is a Water Leak detector.

Once installed, water leak detectors or alarms can effectively sense any leakage on the walls or floor of your basement. The device effectively alerts you to the issue before it can cause any permanent damage. That’s why water leak detectors are a vital yet small investment that you should make without fail.

Basement Water Leak Detector

Buying the right water leak detector for your basement can be a tricky affair for the uninitiated. With so many choices in the market, you might spend your money on the wrong option. That’s why we’ve made a list of the top basement water leak detectors in 2022. Read ahead to learn more.

  1. The Basement Watchdog

First up on our list is the widely popular Basement Watchdog. We know what you’re thinking, and no, it’s not a real watchdog, but it definitely behaves like one.

The Basement Watchdog is a well-recognised product that has constantly safeguarded homes from water leakage for the last 30 years. It uses the latest and most intelligent technology to ensure a safe and dry environment for your home.

The device can detect leaks before they become a problem, with even the most unnoticeable cases being discovered in no time. The Basement Watchdog can weed out water leakage as low as 1/32’’. In fact, the latest model, BWD-HWA, has an alarm system that even goes off from the moisture in your fingers. There’s not even the slightest chance of your basement getting flooded under the ever-watchful eye of the Basement Watchdog.

Now, the question that’s probably running through your mind is, how loud is this alarm? Will I be able to hear it from the upper floors? The answer is a resounding yes.

The Basement Watchdog BWD-HWA has an alarm that shoots off at 110 dB; in other words, it is one LOUD alarm. It blasts at a volume that pierces through your ears no matter where you are in the house. So whether you’re upstairs watching tv or in the backyard grilling some barbecues, you’re definitely going to hear that alarm.

What’s more, you can place the Basement Watchdog anywhere in the house. It can be under the sink, a laundry tub, or even next to the water heater. In other words, you can place this bad boy just about anyplace where water leakage is likely to occur.

But what about places where it’s hard to reach? Or places where you can’t fit the device into? Not to worry, the Basement Watchdog comes with a 6-inch wire which can be extended to cover spots that are difficult to reach. Additionally, you can extend the wire up to 100 inches; so you won’t have any trouble with enclosed areas that are cut off from the rest of the house. Needless to say, this Watchdog has eyes and ears everywhere.

The Basement Watchdog is a small investment to make that yields big results for your home. It prevents a scenario where you have to dish out thousands of dollars for repairs and clean-ups. The device effectively alerts you so that the problem can be fixed before it gets out of hand.


  • Loud 110 DB alarm that can be heard from anywhere in the house.
  • A budget-friendly device that helps you save thousands of dollars on future repairs. 
  • The sensors are powerful and can detect even the slightest of water.


  • It might be necessary to place a piece of paper under the device to help soak the water in some cases.

2. Govee WiFi Water Sensor

Our second addition is the Govee Water Sensor which utilises your Wifi connection to keep your home leak-free. The device comes with its own Govee home app, which can be downloaded from the Google Playstore. After that, it’s just a matter of connecting your phone to the device to ensure a leakproof environment. 

What’s incredible about the Govee Sensor is the level of customisation that you can do with this device. You can have multiple devices installed in your home for various rooms, such as the basement, kitchen, sink etc. You can then add these rooms individually in your app and monitor them separately. If there’s a leak, the app will notify you exactly which room has the issue; smart, right?

But what if you aren’t home when the leak occurs? What if you happen to be outside right when your basement encounters a leakage? No issues; the app will send you a notification in real-time regardless of your absence. If that isn’t convenient, we don’t know what is.

The Govee Wifi Water Sensor uses only the latest innovation in leak sensing technology. The device comes with 2 groups of detectors for back-water and 1 group consisting of front probes to detect any dripping from pipes. And of course, you can name these sensors individually from the Govee home app.

The WIFI connection gateway used for Govee is superior to that of other devices and has a considerably stronger signal transmission. What’s more, the app lets you connect to a maximum of 10 sensors. All you have to do is update the device’s firmware to the latest version using the Govee home app.

In case you’re wondering, yes, the Govee Water Sensor does come with an alarm system as well. So, if there’s a faulty internet connection, the device will blast a 100 dB alarm that will definitely reach your ears. If you want to be extra careful, you can enable both the notifications AND the alarm system for double security. What’s more, you can adjust the volume of the alarm to your personal comfort level.

Finally, the Govee Water Sensor is absolutely waterproof. The device uses the latest IP66 technology to defend itself from damages caused by water. This makes it compatible to be used in areas with high moisture levels.


  • A smart and efficient way of water leak detection
  • Allows you to keep track of leakages using up to 10 sensors.
  • Allows you to adjust the volume of the alarm
  • Phone notifications are sent even if you aren’t home.
  • IP66 waterproof technology makes it possible to use in high moisture areas.


  • It does not support 5G Wifi; it can only use 2.4 G.

3. Moen 920-004 Flo Smart Water Leak Detector

The Moon 920-004 Flo Smart Water Leak Detector is another device that implements WIFI to safeguard your home. The Moen smart water app immediately sends you notifications on your phone and sounds the alarm in case of a detected leak. Additionally, the Moen Flo Detector also has an in-built LED light which blinks in the case of a leak. So technically, you can triple the level of protection when compared to other devices.

The Moen Flo Detector comes in single packs as well as multiple for bigger homes that have more chances of water leakage. You can use the app to connect to all the detectors and maintain a watchful eye. What’s more, you can purchase the Flo smart water monitor and shut off separately and connect it with your device for superior monitoring capabilities. This ensures 24/7 protection from leakages for the whole house.

Besides monitoring the house for water leaks, the Moen Flo Detector also keeps track of a room’s temperature and humidity levels. This removes any risks of mold infection or frost development.

To top it all off, the device includes a high-quality extension cable with an in-built remote sensing disc. The cable can be extended up to 48 inches, making it convenient to reach enclosed or tight spaces. You can place the device everywhere, such as near a washing machine or under a dishwasher. What’s more, the Moen Flo Detector includes CR123A 3-volt lithium metal batteries that can run for almost 2 years.

Overall the Moen Flo Smart Water Leak Detector is a modern and innovative device that can fix your water leakage issues. Having this device around will guarantee 24/7 protection from even the smallest of leaks.


  • Includes long-lasting lithium batteries
  • Works as a standalone monitor and can be combined with a separate Water Flo monitor for improved efficiency.
  • 24/7 protection from leaks.


  • The app might be faulty in rare cases, depending on your phone and internet connection condition.

4. Shackcom Water Leak Detector Alarm

The final slot on our list of water leak detectors is the popular Shackcom Water Leak Detector Alarm. This device can be used anywhere; install it in your bathroom, basement, ceiling or wherever there are chances of leakage. It is small and compact in size, which allows it to be placed in tight and closed off areas without any hassles.

If there are any cases of leakage or excessive collection of moisture, the Shackcom leak detector will waste no time sounding the alarm. Speaking of the alarm, it has a volume capacity of 110 dB; needless to say, you can hear it from almost anywhere. It just takes one small case of direct contact with water for the alarm to blast around the house.

The Shackcom detector comes with 5 leak alerting units and includes 5 alkaline batteries that can be used for a long time. There are three metal sensors at the bottom of the device that significantly improve the capacity to detect leaks. The device can operate tirelessly 24/7 without showing any signs of technical wear and tear.

When it comes to quality, we can confidently say that the Shackcom detector uses only the best ABS materials. Each device comes with a 360-degree water-proof guarantee. Just try dropping the detector on the water; it will literally float around without any damage. That’s because of the superior sealed design and immunity from rapid temperature changes.

The Shackcom detector is absolutely easy to use; there’s no intricate wiring needed here, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally pulling or stepping on the wires. All you have to do is place the device on the floor close to a potential water source. It uses a battery-saving feature, meaning that the energy is used only when the alarm goes off. This guarantees the battery’s long life and saves the money you would otherwise have to spend replacing them.


  • The device is wireless and waterproof and can be reused even if fully submerged underwater.
  • Battery saving mode can expand the life span of batteries for years.


  • One of the five packs included might be faulty in rare instances.

Considerations when looking for a basement water leak detector

Alarm decibel level

The most crucial aspect of a basement water leak detector is the volume of the alarm. The alarm needs to be loud enough so that you can hear it from multiple floors above or even when you’re fast asleep.

Automatic Water Shutoff

It is helpful to install a water shut off system on the cold-water line. Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t come in-built with most detectors and has to be done separately.

Power Source

A good water leak detector should be compatible with your average electrical outlets. If the detector is battery powered, make sure to get one that uses a generic battery and not something rare or difficult to come across.

Battery Endurance

Pick detectors that don’t drain the battery’s life within weeks. Regularly keeping tabs on the battery can be problematic in the long run. There are times when you will simply forget to do so.

Wi-Fi functionality and smart home integration

It is extremely beneficial if the device has wifi capabilities and comes with its own app. After all, we do live in the 22nd century now; it’s only a matter of time until all our household appliances are integrated for wifi use.

Multiple Sensor Integration

Having multiple sensors in the device is helpful as you can monitor different locations simultaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to place a water leak detector in the basement?

You can place a water leak detector next to the water heater, near the HVAC humidifier, below the basement window or close to the drainage pipes. Alternatively, you can also place it in a basement bathroom.

Can the water leak detector still be used after it gets wet?

Absolutely yes. The detector can be reused multiple times as long it doesn’t get fully submerged in water. However, some newer models can work even after getting submerged in water. The success levels of such models are still moderate and need improvement.

How long does the battery of a water leak detector last?

Usually, it should last somewhere between 6 months and 2 years; however, it depends on how much power the device uses. Also, the different types of batteries have different limitations. Alternatively, the level of temperature in the basement also affects the battery’s lifespan.

How to prevent water leaks in the basement?

Be sure to inspect your pipes regularly and shut off water lines that lead outside during winter.

Is a water alarm the same thing as a water leak detector?

Yes, it’s only a matter of preferred terminology.

Is water leak damage in a basement covered by insurance?

Home insurance typically covers damages from water leaks unless a flood or your own negligence caused it. 


Water leak detectors are excellent insurance against damages that might cost thousands to repair. That’s why companies keep introducing better and more efficient features to water leak detectors.

Although a lot of devices promise high tech capabilities and waterproof systems, we have found mixed results during our testing. That’s why our personal recommendation to you would be the Basement Watchdog.

The Basement Watchdog is reliable on a general scale and does not promise you things that it can’t deliver. It primarily focuses on the most crucial aspect, which is accurate and effective water leak detection.

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